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Photo of Spirit XE295 Elliptical Trainer- NEW

Spirit XE295 Elliptical Trainer- NEW

Perhaps one of the best demonstrations of the symbiotic relationship between human beings and machines is fitness. Through constant feedback on a variety of levels, the ability to hook into the technological realm and the contemporary perks of mainstream fitness, users can challenge and engage the entire body in ways that compliment their particular goals.

The human body fundamentally hasn’t changed in about 50,000 years, but the ways we condition and train our bodies for healthier and longer lives surely have. The Spirit XE295 elliptical trainer is the perfect blend of absolute comfort, modern accoutrements, and serious physical conditioning.


The Two-Degree Difference

Spirit Fitness elliptical trainers are the only elliptical trainers that have an integrated two-degree inward tilt to make your work-out more comfortable. This exclusive design puts you in a more ergonomically correct position. Two degrees may not sound like much, but this is an example of where the spirit of innovation makes for a better work-out experience.

Kinetic Energy 

Some fitness equipment companies talk about the weight of their flywheel as though it were the most important part of the elliptical trainer. But a heavy flywheel can actually make it more difficult to use, and create an unsmooth pedaling motion. Instead, we focus on the kinetic energy at the foot pedal. Taking into account the flywheel weight, pulley diameters, belt length, belt tension, foot pedal angle, and stride length we have developed the perfect formula to assure the smoothest start and finish during each elliptical motion.


 Adjustable Foot Pedals

Our foot pedal has three different adjustment angles. Simply pull the handle on the back of the foot pedal and adjust from zero to five to ten degrees. This will allow you to find the most comfortable position for your specific body type. This exclusive feature is found on our XE295 and XE395 elliptical trainers.


The #1 Function

Direct up and down resistance controls are located on the actual handle bars! This means that no matter what program is chosen initially, users can be in constant control of how far, fast, and frequently to push their neuromuscular system.

The days where people want everything to be automated is passing. Gym goers and at-home workout junkies desire more control, and the ability to tailor their experience to the specific demands of their bodies and lifestyle. This function makes that possible.


All the Other Amazing Feature of the XE295

  • An impressive 20’’ stride length, complimented by smooth front-drive action, and adjustable oversize foot pedals with 2 degrees of inversion. These are important for unique bodies with unique calves and joint musculature, to find what works best for them.
  • Metabolism is the name of the game, and the Spirit XE295 Elliptical Trainer is a genie in the proverbial fitness lamp. It can assist in cardiovascular, strength endurance, or overall full-body stamina focused goals. It does this through a state of the art heart rate control system, 20 resistance levels, and 1000 watts of 110V AC power.
  • It’s similar to the XE195 model, but a progression in more ways than one. First, it has two additional heart rate and user specific programs. Second, there is an increased amount of console feedback, and third, it has a large range of adjustability.
  • The XE295 is so stable and well engineered that users can either grasp onto the handle bars and directly incorporate the upper body, or let go and focus on the legs and torso. This is great for tapping into internal balance and stabilization mechanisms, which can bring even short bouts of exercise to elite levels.


The XE295 Spirit of Motivation

No matter what kind of machinery one may have on hand, motivation and dedication play big roles in overall results. The XE295 makes serious training a breeze, without even a hint of either mental or physical boredom.

Safety, reliability, and expert craftsmanship are what make this a wise purchase for either the home gym, or commercial setting. The screen is also a great feature, because of the sheer amount of useful data, and the calming effect of its screen.

Finally, the design and dark champagne or platinum accents of the Spirit XE295 Elliptical Trainer, coupled with its compact size, make it an incredible fitness asset

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