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Photo of Spirit XE195 Elliptical Trainer- NEW

Spirit XE195 Elliptical Trainer- NEW

Of all the brands on the market, Spirit Elliptical Trainers like the XE195 are the only ones around with an integrated 2 degree inward tilt on the pedals. Why? Because the Spirit XE195 Elliptical Trainer serves as an entry level physical fitness enhancement machine. This exclusive design, and everything else about the product, is geared towards preparing the mind and musculature for higher levels of conditioning.

Especially the feet. The designers understood how much pressure feet are under when setting out in fitness. For the typical 21st century desk job, standing exercise has been rare over the last couple decades. The new adjustable, compact, and padded footprint technology lessens the strain, and makes the transition into trimming down less impactful.

Progressive orientated fitness is safe and reliable, just like the XE195. Here are some of the features that make it a perfect choice for individuals that are choosing to get into a more active and healthy lifestyle. 


The Two-Degree Difference

Spirit Fitness elliptical trainers are the only elliptical trainers that have an integrated two-degree inward tilt to make your work-out more comfortable. This exclusive design puts you in a more ergonomically correct position. Two degrees may not sound like much, but this is an example of where the spirit of innovation makes for a better work-out experience.


Kinetic Energy

Some fitness equipment companies talk about the weight of their flywheel as though it were the most important part of the elliptical trainer. But a heavy flywheel can actually make it more difficult to use, and create an unsmooth pedaling motion. Instead, we focus on the kinetic energy at the foot pedal. Taking into account the flywheel weight, pulley diameters, belt length, belt tension, foot pedal angle, and stride length we have developed the perfect formula to assure the smoothest start and finish during each elliptical motion.


Easy-to-Read, Adjustable Consoles

All of our home elliptical trainers have a tilting console with ten degrees of adjustment, so that you can get the best viewing angle on our bright blue LCD screen. Our consoles are positioned so you can easily reach them to set up your program and push start. The contact heart rate grips are perfectly positioned on the lower handlebar to keep you in the proper ergonomic position during your work-out. Our dual action handlebars have a long padded grip so you can fi nd the most comfortable position


Progressive Fitness Features

  • The Spirit XE195 Elliptical Trainer is all about manual control, because the body must be allowed to progress at its own pace. Everyone’s starting point is different, and should be molded organically, rather than through sheer mechanics alone.
  • There is depth to the post workout summary information, based on the accumulated data streams gathered throughout exercise. This is crucial in structuring, adhering to, and enjoying the results of a progressive regimen.
  • It’s extremely user friendly, simple to understand, and a breeze to operate. This plays a big role in engaging and challenging beginners to stick with a routine. The first few months are a make it or break it point, and judging by reviews, users are deeply pleased with how motivating the XE195 is.
  • Because of the expert engineering, newcomers can count on unmatched stability, and an ergonomically correct beginning posture. These are crucial as untrained bodies are far more prone to injuries.
  • A bright backlit blue console with lots of moving data, including muscle use, calories burned, heart rate, resistance, and distance all provide a user with the information they need to progress at their own comfortable rate.


Slow & Steady with a Spirit Elliptical

While the XE195 doesn’t have some of the programs and features of the XE295 or XE395 models, it’s just as dependable, and can be counted on. The design is as professional, with the same pleasant neutral tones, and 20 levels of electromagnetic resistance.

There’s a fan for cooling off during an excruciating bout with hill or random modes, a water holder for constant hydration, and room to either hook up an audio device, or smart phone to take advantage of modern entertainment accessories.

Finally, through implementing the wireless, or on-board heart rate monitoring system, users are in direct control of their internal metabolism. The power is a little lower, at 750 watts, but this is because those that are just starting out don’t require as much tension. The Spirit XE195 Elliptical Trainer is the ultimate beginners elliptical trainer.

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